Rebecca Ann Sedwick, Twelve Years Old

Rebecca Ann Sedwick

Rebecca died Monday.  She didn’t die of cancer, or get hit by a car.  She was bullied online, told to go kill herself, and she finally did.  She jumped from a building.

Her family and friends are grieving now.  I expect that most, if not all, of the people who bullied her are grieving as well.  They have learned, the hard way, that words have power.  They have learned that actions have consequences.  They have learned that depression is no excuse for unkindness, that people may be fighting battles we can’t see, but that doesn’t mean the battles aren’t real.

Her name is Rebecca Ann Sedwick.  She was twelve years old.


3 thoughts on “Rebecca Ann Sedwick, Twelve Years Old

  1. Rebecca Ann Sedwick’s story breaks my heart as well. The world we live in (planet earth) surely needs much more kindness going around. I will hold Rebecca and her family and friends in my heart and prayers for peace. Madre/MD ❤

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