Six Months. A Century. A Day.

Today it is six months since Tony died.  Six months since he breathed his last breath, by his own choice.

Today I have breathed six months’ worth of breaths without him beside me.

Today it is 182 days since I saw his face, kissed his lips, smelled his smell.

Today it is Friday, and it was Friday then too. 

Today it is June and summer is starting.  The days are so long, yet that shorter day in December was much, much longer.

Today I love him I hate him I miss him I want to yell scream and kiss him all at once.

Today it is forever, and today it just happened.


6 thoughts on “Six Months. A Century. A Day.

  1. I know that feeling all too well. It’s like yearning for that feeling that you felt the day before he was gone. Sending you a Cyber Hug *XXXX

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