Gabrielle Molina Was Twelve Years Old

Gabrielle Molina

This is going to be a tough one.  Yesterday afternoon I saw a headline about a twelve-year-old girl from Queens who killed herself.  I want to say up front that this just happened, and so information that’s being reported may be incomplete, but I need to write about this.

She was twelve.  She was just a baby.  Anybody who think that suicide isn’t an epidemic, a problem that’s not going away, needs to look at that little girl’s face and think about the brain and soul behind that face being so distraught, so scared, that at the age of twelve she thought her life was not worth living.  Think about where you were when you were twelve.  How little you knew about the big picture things, and how huge all of your problems seemed. 

There are some reports that Gabrielle was self-harming.  There are reports that she was bullied at school, and that she left behind a note saying that was why she did what she did.  Her father was quoted as saying that he tried to help her.  The school denies the bullying.  I cannot and will not speak to those reported facts, because it is, as I said, such early days.  What I will say, though, is that somehow, some way, this little child reached a point of despair that I cannot imagine. 

How much potential did Gabrielle carry within her?  How much love?  How many people will be irrevocably changed by what she did?  Even now, the ripples of her untimely death are spreading through her family, her community, the whole world.  We are poorer today because she is gone.  We are poorer.

Her name was Gabrielle Molina.  She was twelve years old.


5 thoughts on “Gabrielle Molina Was Twelve Years Old

  1. I remember 12 for me. I was bullied daily called, “It” or “Thing.” I guess it somewhat scarred me since I remember so many years later. The satsfaction I get now when I see these people is most made nothing of themselves and look older than their years.
    I wish I had an opportunity to speak to this little girl, maybe taught her from my experiences. May this little angel rest in peace.

    • 12 was a hard year for me too, Jovi. I understand — it’s hard to shake things like that. Yet when I look at you I see a strong, beautiful, compassionate woman. It just makes me so sad that this little girl felt so alone. Imagine what she might have become.

  2. You just look at that sweet face and can’t imagine that there’s so much pain behind it. 12 is when my daughter started cutting. Depression is heartbreaking for all involved.

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